Tuesday, December 17, 2002

today or tomorrow laurie is planning to send out an email to our email list asking anyone who has something to share -- henry story, funny anecdote, whatever -- to email them to us. laurie's email is lstrongin@starpower.net and mine is allengoldberg@starpower.net .

i went out to our minivan for the first time since getting back and found a treasure trove of henry's tchotckes stuffed in the pocket behind the front passenger seat. it reminded me of a whole bunch of things that henry loves. thank goodness he was such a pack rat. i think i'll be making discoveries of henry's treasures for months to come.

normally, i couldn't/wouldn't step out of our house and away from henry without my cell phone. i lost it in the confusion of our return from minneapolis last week and i'm in no particular hurry to hunt it down.

we're now taking jack to his and henry's school in a little visit. we are just going over to say "hello." i don't know how this will affect jack. i think it is going to be great for jack to see his friends and equally hard for laurie and me to see henry's classmates and teachers. jack appears pretty okay by day, his usual ebullience is just slightly deflated. a lot of jack's friends come over to visit, and has been going out for fun times with friends and family and their kids. it is at night when jack has the most trouble. this former king of snoozing two seconds after tuck-in has found that he cannot get to sleep. to help him fall asleep we've had he come in bed with us and another night laurie snuggled with him until they fell asleep together in the top bunk of the bunk bed that henry and he shared.

here is a photo that i just took of jack with his lego creations of the past few days. laurie and i have been giving him his birthday presents without waiting until his real birthday. he was afraid that he was going to have to celebrate his birthday in minnesota.