Thursday, December 05, 2002

a good night overall. we made two adjustments last night. i asked the resident to figure out how they were keeping henry comfortable when the pancreatitis was just diagnosed. she came back and said the dose of morphine was higher last week. so she wrote him for more. then, when the nurse came in and asked if we wanted henry to get the morphine when he wakes up during the night, i said "no, just keep it coming, even if he is sleeping." i remember someone once said "stay ahead of the pain" and that has been my mantra of late. don't wait for him to wake up in agony. keep him in a comfort zone. it worked. we only got up for vitals and for peeing and pooping and when the nurse made noise. no long sessions of moaning and discomfort. there was a lot of sleep happening in this room last night. henry actually sounds/seems like his almost normal self this a.m. when he woke up to go poo. the anger, sadness and pain have subsided a little. maybe even his counts went up a bit to round out this very encouraging night. there's the miracle i was asking for.

happy hannukah!