Friday, December 13, 2002

i just got dressed. i haven't worn a suit much in the past few years. i bought this knowing i'd need it for my mom's funeral. i took a look in the mirror and i look like a little boy in a man's suit. josh baskin at the end of big. henry would insist on wearing a sports jacket for his dates with his girlfriend bella.

i turn 40 next week. i have made the same exact wish for the past 7 years when i blew out the candles.

i need to keep updating the list of henry's favorite things, but now it is for me. he really like balls, and super balls, in particular. he loved baseball bats and had quite a collection of every size. he loved riding carousels and we rode them from martha's vineyard to central park to glen echo. and he was a connoisseur of things Digimon.

it is really smokey out today.