Wednesday, December 11, 2002

dr. wagner was just in and we all sat around reminiscing about henry. the one thing that struck me is that henry always said, "let's just get it over with," or let's do this already," when he was going to have a procedure, or had to get blood drawn or had to go to clinic. he was impatient for the not-so-fun stuff to be over so he could get back to the good things in life. i know that henry is glad that we are following his instructions and "just getting this over with."

they have him on pentobarbital which keeps him very relaxed and in a dreamlike state. we'll remove a lot of the tubes and the ventilator at 6 pm. we will get everything out of his mouth so we can kiss him. hopefully we'll be able to cradle him in our arms. we'll play his favorite songs (my brother-in-law brought some of henry's mixed cd's from home) and probably tell some good henry stories. a rabbi will be with us and we'll say the vidui prayer and the shema. I think I'll go swipe the menorah from the lobby of the hospital and we can break the rules and light the candles. Henry's last words to Laurie were, "Mom, this is a terrible last day of Hannukah." maybe we can make it better.

henry will come home tomorrow morning on a flight separate from us. he'll then be at Danzansky Goldberg funeral home and if anyone wants to sit with his body you can contact Danzansky Goldberg at (301) 340-1400, 1170 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852.