Tuesday, December 10, 2002

30 cc of pee overnight. wahooo! henry must have heard everyone talking about surgery and decided to take matters into his own hands. if i am not mistaken, i would say his kidneys are slowly kicking in. hopefully it is enough to stave off dialysis and to give his body the relief from fluid buildup it needs. i am really looking forward to speaking with renal this morning. the tv is on and that is rare -- for 2 days i didn't even know there was one in the room. the today show. heatwave alert for minneapolis. it is going up to 45 degrees today. laurie slept over at ronald mcdonald last night and i slept here. i just called to update her and she was still sleeping. i thought they'd be up getting jack ready for school, but he told mom that dad said he didn't have to go today. which, technically, is correct. i told him yesterday that if he went then, we would reevaluate whether he had to go back the rest of the week. he said he "hated" school. i think he hates being away from us, hates seeing henry like this, being away from home, being away from his school, his friends, his lego, his power rangers, his bed.

henry has been taken off his sedation drugs but he is still out of it. the nurses explain that because his body isn't processing fluids, the drugs are still lingering and keeping him down. everyone wants some more responsiveness and maybe that will come today. i have a lot of confidence in henry. i have been whispering in his ear that if he gets tough and makes it out of here we will pick up the stakes and move to disneyworld. we'll set up house right in cinderella's castle. since we honored jack's promise and he didn't have to go back to school, we have no option but to ready ourselves for relocation to florida.

i look forward to reporting more pee and more awakedness.